Trial Lessons

There are few things which compare to the thrill of your first flight in a light aeroplane sitting in the left hand seat as the Pilot!

When you arrive for the trial lesson, you will be greeted and introduced to your Flying Instructor for a pre-flight briefing. This will include an explanation of the principles of flight, lesson content and the route to be flown.

Once in the cockpit, the layout of the instrumentation and controls will be explained in more detail. The flight instruction will include “Effects of the Controls” and “Straight and Level Flying” which are extracts from the formative lessons of the PPL (Private Pilots Licence) and the time flown can be logged towards the minimum hours required for the licence.

You should be aware that there are certain meteorological conditions which potentially could affect your flying experience such as visibility, cloud base, wind speed/direction and rain.

The introductory flying lesson is timed from Brakes Off to Brakes on and following the lesson you will have a de-brief and finally receive a signed completion certificate.

This could be the start of an exciting new adventure! Please call for any further information you may require.