I have been flying with AirFirst since 2011. From my first, tentative stages of PPL training through IMC to organised cross channel trips and most recently a very exciting expedition back from Venice to Blackbushe. This is a privately run club where a “family atmosphere” very much pervades.

All involved genuinely care about training/encouraging students to make the most of the opportunities that aviation can bring. The formal training is professionally delivered, but there is a great social aspect to AirFirst which makes it fun too. This is evident through all contact with the club: the operations team always go the extra mile to ensure aircraft availability, the instructors are definitely not hour building young bucks – quality training is the priority, and, there is a very active programme of organised trips which are fantastic for new PPLs to build experience and confidence.

For me, the net effect of all this is that my flying has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. It has been great fun and I don’t see how I could have fared better anywhere else.